Brownie Points - A Whole Group Classroom Management Strategy

Brownie Points- A classroom management strategy to reinforce positive behaviours

This week, my class went on a field trip! Yes I know... it was the first week of school and many people said I was crazy. But... they were AMAZING! We were chosen to be at an art unveiling so we couldn't change the date. One huge motivator for their awesome behaviour was Brownie Points!

In my class, we earn Brownie Points by receiving compliments from other teachers, administration, parents and other adults.

Once we earn 12 points, I bring in brownies as a reward.

The kids are super motivated by this and it is a great strategy to reinforce positive behaviour in a multitude of situations.
Here are some of my favourite situations to use Brownie Points:
- with a substitute teacher
- during specials like music
- on field trips
- hallway behaviour
- recess behaviour

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