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Flashlight by Lizi Boyd is a must have in your upper elementary classroom library! Here are some great ways that Alberta teachers can incorporate it into Science, Writing and Social Studies lessons.

Social Studies:

This is a beautiful book to use during your regions of Alberta unit! Students can infer which region of our province this book takes place in and can provide evidence.

If you teach grade 5, you could use this book when introducing the Rocky Mountain region of Canada.

English Language Learners:

Wordless picture books are an amazing resource for your English Language Learners! They generally love using them because there are no tricky words to decode and no hard vocabulary terms to decipher. They are simply able to use the words that they already know to describe the images! You could even have them write words for this book in their native tongue!


A very popular activity during reading workshop is to write the words of wordless picture books! I am all for this as it requires a huge amount of creative thinking and inferencing!


You could even use this book as an introduction to your light and shadows grade 4 science unit! It is the perfect provocation to get students questioning why we can see certain objects in the night. This leads beautifully to natural and man made sources of light (the flashlight and the moon). Plus it is a great opportunity to introduce the tricky vocabulary term “emit”.

If you would like to purchase this book, here is the link on Amazon! This is an affiliate link which means that Amazon throws a few pennies my way if you purchase through this link. This helps me to run my blog :)

I hope that you enjoy using this great book in your classroom!

best books for alberta teachers - flashlight wordless picture book

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